From the 6th to the 14th of July my family, a few students from my school and I hosted several students from China. This exchange programme has been called the STEM Project. Quite a few schools around the UK offer exchange programmes and since I am interested in travelling and documenting about the world one day I just had to take part in this this trip to China again. In a previous blog on my older website, I visited the beautiful city of Shanghai and Beijing in 2013 with my school, it was kind of an exchange programme but instead of the students staying in our homes they stayed in hotels and when we went over we did the same. Here are a few pictures from my older blog of my trip there in 2014.  

I was a bit sceptical at first before travelling to China as I knew this culture would be extremely to the ones I was used to. I was so glad I went, not only did it make me want to get into journalism more but it made me want to get to know more people internationally.


This more recent blog post will show my Chinese exchange students (from left to right)   Xu Tong Tong (Pronounced Zoo-Tong Tong), Shan Yuxan (Pronounced shh-anne    you-shh-anne) and my friend Ebose’s exchange student Joe. This trip involved many schools from primary to Sixth Form all across Essex who took part in the exchange programme, so I got to meet a lot of people and make friends with them as we will be travelling together.

Several apps and websites such as Snapchat and Google are banned in China, so being able to give my exchange students the experience well known to us was fun. We messed about with the Snapchat filters.


About a month after this was taken I’ll start my practical driving lessons, and tbh I need them
Our day out to London


Shan Yuxan and the London Eye.


The lighting was the definition of shit but I wanted to upload this picture anyway, the girl at the end is Ebose’s sister who came with us too. It was a great day 😀
Ebose and Xu Tong Tong
The Iconic River Thames
The students were able to go outside Number 10
Joe and the London Eye
We went to Anglia Ruskin University where we took part in coding, technology and medical sciences classes. Here was a picture with Brentwood academy’s rocket car. There was a rocket car race to finish the day along with pizzas…of course I talk about the food.
Rocket car finalists at Anglia Ruskin University
I’m the girl with the snapback to the left with Ebose further to my left, here was one of the bio medical science workshops. We were given pee samples, which I am still wondering if it was actually pee…. whereby we had to pretend we were testing for drugs in athletes. The teacher taught us how to use the machines and calculate whether or not an athlete had taken performance enhancing drugs. As bad as I was at science, I did quite well.

On the last day there was a farewell party with the other schools in Essex that took part, the girls loved their presents. Inside were their favourite British schools such as Cadbury chocolate to necklaces etc


Ebose speaks the most Mandarin out of everyone who took part in the exchange programme so he helped with the speech from our school he winged it in Mandarin, I have no idea how.
I’m not sure if you can see me but I’m at the back. Anyhoo, this is all the exchange students and Essex schools that took place. If I remember the sign says “Welcome students to the Essex Stem Programme” bare in mind, I’m learning Mandarin so I could be very wrong…


One of the Essex schools group photo at the farewell party
Didn’t drop my phone on one of the roller-coasters


Cant wait to see them all in October when I go to China, watch out for that blog post!!


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