✈Wandering About ✈ #2 My time at the FORMATION CONCERT

Song for this post: “FLAWLESS REMIX” By Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj

On the 2nd of July 2016, my friends and I went to go see Queen B. For me, it was an unbelievable event one I thought I wouldn’t see for these three reasons

  1. Whenever she was on tour I was never available, by this I meant my parents said no 
  2. I like food. Very very important. If I was standing or in the middle of a long row of seats how would I feed myself? Priorities. Priorities.
  3. The first concert I went to was standing, for a boy band called In Hindsight. I had a good time overall but being on my feet surrounded by hormone crazed girls in a small and stuffy room kinda put me off concerts all together. Then again, my friends and I got in for free so I can’t complain….but still, it put me off.

“But what made you go to a Beyoncé concert with these three problems, her concert would be just as hectic?” You might ask.

Well, it all started when my friend Victoria and I were in sociology. We had just heard Beyoncé was going to have a concert, so like the loyal fans we were we checked out Ticketmaster and lo and behold £49.50 tickets! We agreed right there and then that we were going to see Beyoncé this year. So at break, we informed my other friends. In the end, Naomi (in the pics below) came too and lemme tell you this concert cannot be described. Magnificent is the only word I can come up with and I do English literature.

Reason number 1 and 3 were solved in a matter of seconds. The concert was on a Saturday, perfect!!! Yet, to be honest even if I had a huge family wedding I would cancel that and see Beyoncé….I’m sure the bride would understand. As I said, reason number 3 was solved as the tickets….WERE SEATED!!!!!!!!!! Our seats were pretty much at the end of the row, so if I had decided to get food it would not have been a problem, I brought tonnes of snackles anyway so I was goooood.

I’ve been to a football game, Arsenal Vs Liverpool (Arsenal won by the way 😀 ) the roof of the stadium was open and it was raining. It kinda put a damper on things, so one thing I was worried about was the rain. But obviously London doesn’t rain on Beyonce. Just blue skies all the way


The beautiful view of Wembley as we emerged from the station. At the right hand corner you can see an IVY PARK wall, perfect for selfies. 
Normally people would say the best seats would be the first row of seats. After all they are the most expensive so logically they should be the best. Right? Not really. Yeah you can see the performers much better than where we sat but you don’t see everything. Every angle of Beyonce, the perfect lighting in contrast with the rest of the stadium, the sound is better from up here. It make sense when you’re in the stadium. When you paid nearly £50 to see Beyonce, I got my moneys worth.
Naomi and I waiting for the concert to start, we take full advantage of making our Snapchats 100 seconds long and using the flower crowns filter.
The concert was scheduled to start at 8 but it started at 8:30. From what I heard most concerts never started on time. This was Beyonce after all, she had to be flawless, so even if it was an hour late I still would have enjoyed the show. She opened with Formation and a beautiful hello to the whole of London. 




The best part about seating is that standing is part of what you paid for, meaning dancing to formation. The leg room was a bit small but that didn’t stop three black girls completing it.
Full arena, Well Done B



There was a huge block of screen….see that perfect description…the screen projected the entire performance so we could see Beyonce in greater detail as well as projecting some clips from her Formation visual album. Truly amazing technical work from Wembley.
Beyonce is the only person I know that could rock messy cornrows.
Legit. The. Only. Person. I. Know.
Beyonce is booty goals
Her outfit was just beautiful, personally I’m not all that into glitter but Beyonce made me reconsider


While Beyonce gets ready to sing her last song, she plays Purple Rain to remember Prince ❤
Beyonce closes with Halo. Tears were shed.
During the last song there was so much phone waving as everyone had their flashlights on. I forgot I was recording so here is a very blurry image mid-wave….this is what happens when a photographer gets overwhelmed….


We missed the last c2c train home so we had to get the underground to Upminister where my mum, thank God, picked us up and drove us home. Here is something I learnt from the concert, as soon as the singer is on their last chorus get your ass out of that stadium if you want to get home alive.


So there you have it, my time at the Formation Concert was an unforgettable one. I learnt a lot more than just leaving the concert a mish early (the lines to get home were longer than my mile walk to school….) I learnt that seating is the way to go and to always make time for Beyonce. Her concert filled me with so much happiness and black positive power, I can’t wait to go again. This time I’ll try to get Beehive tickets. Those are standing, but if I’m that close, I’ll stand mate. Just to finish things off, here is a picture I took along with the Song List from the concert.

See you in the next blog post!

Beyonce – The Formation World Tour Set List

Run the World
Baby Boy/Standing on the Sun
Hold up
Me, Myself and I
Running (Naughty Boy)
All Night – her favorite track from album
Don’t Hurt Yourself
Ring the Alarm
Naughty Girl/Independent Woman/Diva
Flawless remix
Feeling Myself
Drunk in Love
Daddy Lessons
Single Ladies
Purple Rain (Prince cover)
Crazy in Love/Bootylicious
Naughty Girl
Blow / Nasty Girl
Sweet Dreams (Eurhythmics cover)
End of Time/Grown Woman

I brought my camera in the hopes of getting a close up of Beyonce. Not the screen. My phone camera could only go so far till it blurred out. Yet my main camera, got what I would call a perfect close up of Beyonce. I was pretty darn proud.

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