✈Wandering About✈ My 2012 trip to China

I am going to be transferring some of my older blog posts from my old blog onto here, just so you guys know everything I’ve gotten up to since I firstly began blogging.  

In late October 2o13, I went to one of the most amazingly beautiful countries on the planet…DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!! CHINNAA! I am going back there and I will document that too, but this time instead of going with the fam I went with my school, which btw was AMAZABALLS!!! ANYHOO I hope you enjoy the images and videos of our travels and me obviously getting up to no good in a foreign country….on with the showww!! BTW sorry that the photos are in the wrong order, blogger was being stubborn so moving around the pictures took ages and the website kept freezing. So the story is in a weird order but I’m purdy sure you’ll understand how it went☺

We’ve just arrived and our bodies are half asleep from the 12 hour plane journey. I looked half zombie and half (you don’t wanna know).

Meet our tour guide Mr.Choo, tbh I learnt most of my mandarin from him while we were in China. Rosetta Stone didn’t cut it.

The houses in China is very much like our own in England, except all the houses are next to a major motorway. I don’t even remember passing a peaceful neighborhood, I like noise anywayy.


THE SKYSCRAPERSSS! They’re huge, weird thing was we went up in quite a lot of them and some people were even afraid of heights, lol.

Mmmm, Subway…..🍹🍔 🍟

Anyway we got to go up into the oriental pearl tower  it took about 40 minutes with all of us but trust me the view from up there was AMAZABALLS!

Everything is so colourful in China, I know where I’m living when I’m older…😍

Everyone you see in a red jumper with yellow writing on the back is us.🎆 🎇

Guide dog, awweee xxx🐶

Entering the (…..) and I saw a lions head

The lineee was soooooooooo long!😢

The museum!

The red lanterns symbolize good luck in China, everything red in China symbolizes good luck. So you can imagine what it must have been like for us wearing red jumpers and all.

There was this slanted mirror with a house on the floor beneath it, so when you look up it looks like your spider man climbing on a house. It was pretty awesome, so we tried it later.🐛 🐝 🐜

Every time someone in a BMW or Range rover pulled up, I assumed they were purdy important as they had their own red carpet and marching band…wow.😊

Here’s some of those important people!

A lion in a grass pit…don’t know why I took this photo.

The merch that they were selling, was so cute and in such great detail…I bought at least one thing from every glass cabinet.😸

The view was amazaballs, you can see all the cruise liners and the houses and the buildings and the people and the city animals…..






Two more floors up and we were about to go onto the glass ceiling…scroll down to see what I mean.

keep scrolling

No offence but the building on the left back looks like a beer bottle opener…🍹

Thank God I’m not afraid of heights.

The beer bottle opener awaits us in the back…It’s actually the Shanghai world financial centre.

Beautiful floral design…Britain take note.🌹🍃🌾

This is meeeehh on the glass ceiling, for some reason my “non-existent fear of heights” kicked in, but I still went ahead and sat on the glass.

Red jumper and red shoess

Ummm I bought some more stuff too

Us waiting in line to go down the lift.

The flash on my camera didn’t take kindly to the beautiful ornament in the museum.

There we go no flash

Pretty detailed horse

How they made their food in the 1800 China

 I wasn’t really sure what he was doing…


Chinese Viking boats, aweesomeee!

Too lazy to walk around I see

They’re so life like…

They’re attack weaponry was on point

The sign says “The gunfire of the Opium War and the signing of the “Nanjing Treaty” plunged China into the abyss of Semi-colonialism. In 1845, foreign Settlements and concessions were established in Shanghai, and China’s sovereignty was further eroded. Nonetheless, the forced opening had a far-reaching effect on the development of the city’s municipal works, economy and culture.

The man on his knees is being tried for a crime he committed, you can see the difference between the generations, left side is more the present and the right side is very much like 1800. In my opinion I think that both sides are from the same generation but it’s just a separation between the rich and the poor.

This was the day I was leaving for China, meh and my cute little bags 🐵

HACH China visit 2013 yup!

Saying our goodbyes and I’m about t enter the coach! I teared up a little bit but leaving our parents for two weeks in an ultra foreign country would!

We’ve just arrived at Stansted, it’s 5am and I wished my bed would just roll up…

 We’re at the terminal, we took off in 30 minutes ✈ 💺

This has got to be the cutest meal ever invented. Mini crisps, cola and oreos. I felt like a dolly in an aeroplane 👸

The view from Finland was amazing, the sun was setting which made it extra perfect.

My first night in Singapore, it was the definition of beauty. I got a proper first hand glance at what China was really like all in one photo.

We decided to go out to The Bund, the lights are so pretty, it was like the 4th of July only with florecent lighting and high rise buildings…😂

Checked doing this off my bucket list, all thats left is to go to Rio 😂

The amazing Bund

All bundled up x

Umbrellas without the sheet over it, thought that was pretty awesome.

Heading back to the hotel

It’s a new day and we’re already out.

We went to a major outlet, one of the biggest in Singapore.

From here downwards is the outlet.


But beforehand we went to a museum

It looks like a millionares front garden

Dinner, dinner, dinner

I bought my own chopsticks in the black market, angry bird chopsticks…. I rest my case.

Group photo!

Global harbour, if you live in Essex, the Global harbour is just lakeside just 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger😃

 The next day we went to a local school, where we had a 10 minitue introduction followed by tea and lessons.


First room, was languages.

How clean can a white board be?

Next the history room…

I was left speechless…

We’re now going to our second hotel…

I saw a KFC! I KFC!

I lovee fancy hotels

Bought this dress, I had to take China home with me!

Then we had a singing lesson at the local school again.

This teacher needs to be in Hollywood, her voice was AMAZING.

Then we took a group photo with some of the students, I loved their uniform.

For some reason everyone was looking at us….

We went to this ULTRA CUTE store callled Kawaii which is cute in Japanese. The store sold its name, there was teddies, cute tees, stationary, make up, creams, clothes etc. I however bought tones of stationary and a stuffed llama.

The next day we causally waited for the train.

Waiting for the bullet train!!!!

Olympic Stadium in Beijing

Basketball, swimming, gymnastics what cant they do?!

We entered Mcdonalds for the very first time in China and it was the same enviroment as it was in England. Execpt the music was better and there was a TV.

The food however lacked something, salt I think but it was decent😀 😊

On this day we entered The Forbidden City.

Apparently it takes an entire day to walk through the city.

Here I stand with my camera around my shoulders, dramatically looking off into the distance…

Then I realise I couldn’t pull off the dramatic look…

This is how the table is set out, so fancy righttttt?!

Their lazy Susan’s take up the WHOLE table, but tbh I think I lose weight while over in China because you only eat bit by bit, whereas instead of me just eating tones off one plate I can eat bits AMAZABALLS!!!

Leaving our last dinner in China *tear*

We’re about to land and the difference between China land and England’s land is that EVERYTHING is in neat squares or rectangles I did NOT see one circle XD

We’ve just landed in China, it looks the same as Heathrow to be honest!

Their vending machines are awesome, you look at the one you want, punch in the numbers and pay…yeah I know it’s purdy much the same as ours in England but trust me this is different.

Trying out my new belt from the market!


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