✈Wandering About✈In Hindsight concert

I am going to be transferring some of my older blog posts from my old blog onto here, just so you guys know everything I’ve gotten up to since I firstly began blogging.  
To begin with my parents are slightly protective, so when I say this was my very first concert EVER! I mean it. Strangely enough they’ve let me come home past midnight before, travel to China etc. but when I came to a concert they thought it was a bit sketchy. But now I’m 15 when I asked them I had it all planned out, I even had their response planned out “No.” so I knew asking was a waste of time but I did anyway.
Long story short…..my parents let me go. Idek why. But they did and this was the best first concert ever. It was even better because
 1) I went with friends 2) The band inspired me to continue playing guitar 3) The tickets were free…
My friends Grace and Nay got a pic with the lead singer Michael.
We were screaming so loudly when they were announced to come on soon.
Pic with Isaac lead guitarist aka bae
Daniel on drums, Michael singing and Isaac on guitar
Isaac xxx
Grace and Nay
Isaac again….
A large group pic with all the other fans (the balloon was for Daniel as he was turning 16 the next day)
I kept everything from that day and also Daniel signed my guitar pick :D!!!
When the day ended. It was a fantastic first concert!

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