The Golden Globes- Black, Beautiful and Strong

As some of us in the UK were sleeping, history was being made. A multitude of celebrities stood together in unity to stand up against sexual harassment in Hollywood by doing something so simple and yet extremely significant. They wore black.

 I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and every now and then I’d see my favourite actress or actor sticking up for what they know is right. It’s been a hard few months for some, coming forward and telling their stories, they received backlash “why didn’t you say anything ages ago? Must be lying.” They went through hate and trolling, yet they kept walking by it, with their heads held high. They weren’t victims, they were survivors telling their story and sharing their experiences. 

Many many more followed behind them, knowing they didn’t have to live in fear with their past, millions stood by them and eventually it spread across the globe. People shared the #Metoo  people of all genders, sexualities, races and religions, to stand up and say “Respect us and let us speak.” It was so inspiring.

Using my platform it is important for us to speak up (if we feel safe to do so) and let others know they are not alone. I in no means intend to compare my own experiences with those who have been sexually assaulted however my own experiences as a teenager of being approached by older men is one I want to share on here. It is a frequent issue among many young women who may be alone or in a group whereby they feel extremely uncomfortable being approached by older men.

I have been on a train home from a shoot, and a man sat in front of me and would not leave, eventually he began moving across the seats closer to me. He was constantly asking me where I’m from, what’s my name and became frustrated that I would not give him my number. I was quite annoyed that he would not take No for an answer told him to leave me alone, to which a woman on the other side of the train asked if I was okay, to which I replied I was. I wasn’t obviously, however I had hoped this would send a message to this guy. Usually when someone else intervene they lose interest, he didn’t.

I considered getting off a couple trains earlier as my mum’s friend lived there, however I decided against it as I was unsure if he would follow. I texted my parents to get me instead of walking home from the station, which is at 30 minutes at the maximum at night. Just as I am about to leave the woman who sat on the other side of the carriage got up and came with me asking if there was someone there for me, she got off the train and walked me to my mums car.

This Angel didn’t need to do this. She could have not asked me if I was okay, she could have just left me alone completely but she didn’t. I was 18 years old worrying what would happen to me had I walked home alone that night and this is a fear of millions of people. Where just doing a normal thing such as walking can be so dangerous. While I am understanding my situation is not as serious as people who have been physically sexually assaulted, I am aware that this is unfortunately a situation of just being approached and the fear of what may happen after that to be extremely common.

It has become such a norm  that many people I know talk about it but are use to it, they are in no means okay with it. It’s just another topic in the conversation . If you are much older and are interested in a young person or minor who is clearly uncomfortable with you and what you’re asking of them, back the fuck up. This shit isn’t acceptable and when someone says “No” just leave them alone, if they don’t want to share their information with you they don’t have to, if they don’t want you near them leave. No means no.

“With more than 300 figures in the entertainment industry signed on (including, from left, Reese WitherspoonAmerica Ferrera and Nicole Kidman), the initiative aims to fight sexual harassment, assault and inequality for women in all kinds of workplaces. It has raised more than $15 million for a legal defense fund for people who have experienced workplace harassment (to donate, visit its GoFundMe page) and is encouraging Globes attendees and supporters everywhere to wear black as a show of unity and power.” – PEOPLE

Which is why seeing those black dresses and suits is so important, to give people a voice and to shed a light on this issue. Here are some of the outfits from the night, I hope every image you see is inspiring.

I hope you beautiful people enjoyed this blog post 🖤 remember to keep on shining ✨✨ 


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  1. Vic says:

    I agree! I wasn’t really here for the award show itself. I had no idea who most of the nominees were lol, but I loved that a lot of my favs came out to stand for something important

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