7 ways to be a more ‘put-together’ person…realistically

7 ways to be a more ‘ Put-together’ person…..realistically

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people wanting to know what the secret is to being more productive, organised, put-together etc and to be honest there’s no real secret for it just to magically happen. A lot of us watch YouTube videos, read blogs and books or whatever works for us to find out how to change our lives, when in actuality those answers are essentially blocking us from the reality on how to achieve.

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For some people, completely removing distractions helps, for some forcing themselves to work helps, when for a majority of people this just simply isn’t feasible, it might even work for two days and then we’re back in our old ways. We live busy lives and technology and social media has become such a significant part of our lives that just by saying removing isn’t ideal.

Also suggesting waking up early, changing our diets drastically and cutting out our social life just isn’t how a large percentage of us have the luxury of living. My teacher once told me “you have the same hours in your day as Beyoncรฉ.” but this saying wasn’t helpful. Beyoncรฉ has assistants, make up artists, nanny’s, cleaners, drivers etc. Not saying Queen B is lazy, hell no, what I’m saying is that Beyoncรฉ is able to take on a lot because she has paid people to help her. Same hours, different work loads.

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While it is important to switch off now and then using our phones equate to so much more than just liking a friend’s picture or tweeting something funny, only you understand what technology does for you. You’ve got chores, homework, deadlines, a social life, health etc, what may work in an ideal world doesn’t work for everyone. Which is why I set up this blog post for the 2018 person in mind, a practical lifestyle post that works for you. Hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ‰

Plan your day or week

Depending on how far into the future you like to plan this is all based on your preferences. For me I like to plan daily, now and then I will bullet point events going on that week but the main plan is all about the most important things I need to accomplish in a day. Do this at night because in the morning you’ll most likely want to get those 5 extra minutes of sleep, during the day you’ll be busy but at night we’re most likely finishing off some work getting ready to chill. Before clocking off just take a few minutes to plan out tomorrow. We’re not talking write up a plan for war it can just be 3 things e.g. laundry, buy snacks and wash car.

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In order to do this make use of your phone calendar or buy a diary. I prefer using my phone calendar and a journal assigned for planning because my phone can send 30 minute, 6 hour etc reminders leading up to the event or work that needs to be done, sometimes I forget to look in my journal but the added physical reminder on my phone helps.

It gives me better insight so that I know what I have ahead for me and I like to end the list with something enjoyable like binge watch when you’re done. That’s just me though, so make sure to test it out and see what works for you personally.

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I use my journal to list the work that needs to be done and prioritize it then transfer it to my phone. Make sure to only put what you realistically have time for because there’s nothing worse than bundling up 50 tasks to do in one week when you could instead put it on the to do list for next week (if it’s not that urgent). Otherwise you’ll stress yourself out.

Your room is your mind

Ever heard someone say if your room is messy it’s a sign your mind is also cluttered? Perhaps you’re stressed, got a lot of work to do, keep procrastinating or maybe you’re just a messy person? Whatever the reason a clean room will definitely help your productivity. If you function best in an organised mess/a complete mess then keep going with it, that’s what works for you. You don’t have to have a big clear out everyday, who has time for that? Just do simple things, like take that cup downstairs or throw away that sweet wrapper. Things that take a couple seconds.

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Now I’m not talking royal castle spotless I’m talking whatever you see as a room that will ease your mind, once a month I have a small clear out, file that months receipts and bank statements, put my clothes away (that lived on my chair…guilty) throw stuff away etc and every 6 months I’ll do a proper clean out new posters, put my wrecked Vans out to pasture, get some new plants etc.

But every now and then you should tidy your room to how you like it, maybe an organised mess that suits you or a complete clean room. Make sure to do what suits you ๐Ÿ™‚ . Also make sure to reward yourself after the clear out, maybe get your favourite takeaway, buy that book or binge watch something.

Money, moolah , dosh, dough …

Set up a savings account, one you can’t access. For 2018 I’ve started saving ยฃ5 every week until the end of this year which will make ยฃ1,095 to which you can do anything you want with it. Save up for a holiday in 2019? Buy a new phone? Maybe just save it again. Also make sure to spend wisely, if you’re not 100% sure you want something take a picture of it, save it in a memo titled “maybe for later” and if in 1-3 weeks you still want it buy it.

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I’m still trying this out myself and it has definitely helped. Don’t forget though, it’s absolutely fine to splurge, for example Treat Yo’ Self. Just aced a test? Treat Yo’ Self. Just finished a good work out routine? Treat Yo’ Self. Just about managed not to slap a bitch silly? Treat Yo’ Self. We’ve grown up being told that treating ourselves once in a while is selfish or even reckless, there is nothing wrong with rewarding ourselves for doing something good, just as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else and we truly deserve it.

Read, watch and learn anything

I know reading fictional books isn’t for everyone, some people like magazines, some like those cute leaflets or just hate anything with words. Some like motivational YouTube videos, movies and documentaries. Perhaps sitting down and reading or watching isn’t your thing and you’re more outdoorsy?

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Plan a solo trip or go out with friends somewhere you’ve never been before or somewhere you frequent. Every time you do something new you’re learning something that in the future will benefit you more than you know. Whether that’s reading this blog post

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or seeing how to get around London using the tubes or even how to look after an aloe Vera plant, it’s something new. Personally, I love watching random YouTube videos. A well put-together person, balances their live with necessities but also things they love and learning anything is always great.

Get offline…kind of

Now this one might be a bit harder for some, but it really depends on the kind of person you are and the life you live. Don’t worry if you don’t follow all these steps, this is for you, not a perfect unobtainable you. If you own a business for example leaving your notifications on is vital, you might get an important e-mail that needs to be responded to in the next 10 minutes, or maybe you’re the person that gives the best advice and your friend really needs some.

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This tip will not be beneficial to everyone, this one works more for people whereby social media is important to stay in tune with the world but not necessarily an urgent piece of technology for them. For social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr the notifications are all switched off.

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However, apps such as Gmail, YouTube, WordPress, calls and texts etc are all left on. All our devices leave a number next to the app logo if we have a notification even if the notifications are off to your home screen, if I’m not dead busy I’ll check it and respond.

However, I’m more likely to be distracted from my work if my screen lights up, then I’ll check all social media just because I’m on my phone, then I’ll go onto YouTube and watch puppy videos, then binge watch Netflix, talk to my friends and before you know it it’s 3AM…..not the best scenario. Yet, if my notifications don’t come onto my screen I have no reason to check them. Eventually, I’ll finish my work and then see the symbols once I log into my phone and then be occupied by the messages. 9 times out of 10 they’re never life urgent messages.

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Yet, as a creative you’re probably wondering how I’m able to turn off social media when social media has such a massive impact on my work and that’s true, it does. However, I still check my phone often enough to not miss anything important or set hour intervals (depending on the importance of the work I was doing at that time).

If it’s vital and the person and I are close they’ll call or text me to which it will show up on the screen. A large majority of people I work with actually email me, which is why my E-mail notification are always on.

Rest isn’t just sleep

I was born a night-owl. Seriously, I was born at 11:55 pm….I am most productive at night. It’s actually 11:45pm rn….ANYWAY, while some people would say the early bird catches the worm or try and beat the sun, do all your work in the morning this just doesn’t work for everyone. As appealing as it does sound to think about having all my work down before midday, I just don’t get up at that time or I have something else to do.

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Only you know when your best work will be produced which is what leads me onto Rest isn’t just sleep. While yes, night time is for sleeping if that’s the only time when you’ll really work then go for it but make sure that you’re not doing an all-nighter because your project is due in the next day, it happens and it sucks but if you’re gonna pull it off, pull it off well rested. A put-together person knows when to take a break.

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A put-together person isn’t some magical being that has all their work done first thing, a put-together person isn’t a perfect lil’ angel because a well put- together person is someone that knows how to make their life work for them not how society says. If you get great grades doing all nighters, go for it! If you’re able to watch Netflix while study, binge watch everything. This is for you.

Even when you haven’t had a productive day still rest, ever wonder why you’re tired even though you literally just spent the day in bed watching TV? Because you’re awake, your body is doing body stuff and therefore you need to rest in order to build up some new energy to be productive. Take a nap and work after. A tired you will not help.

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You might feel guilty for doing what’s necessary so say this to yourself

“I will be more productive when I put myself first. I deserve to be able to achieve my best self, for myself.

Don’t take on the world in one day

You’re not a leader of a country, so you don’t need to work like you are. By this I mean taking on more than you need to. Conquer your world first. This is something I’m still learning, some days I’ll want to take on 50 tasks when in reality I’m just going to tire myself out and feel like I didn’t do much that day. Just being busy isn’t a sign of productivity especially if you didn’t put in 110%.

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I like to set a maximum of 10 tasks a day, 4 of extreme importance e.g. finish assignment by midday, 3 of medium importance e.g. water plants and 3 of meh importance e.g. dust bookshelf

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If you’re like me, when I’m thinking about things I need to get down my brain thinks out all of it and I normally forget one before I have time to open my phone memos or get out my journal. Which is why it’s important to not take too much on, just these special 10. If you prefer a visual reminder here’s what I do for things that have a specific time frame.



  • Take your time
  • Don’t change yourself for anyone, unless you’re an asshole…work on that. BUT IF YOU’RE NOT then just be yourself
  • Add your own twist to the list above so that it works for you
  • Conquer your own world first
  • Throw away that sweet wrapper
  • Learn something new
  • Eat a snack
  • Save a penny, save a pound and watch your life turn around (I just made that up that up right now, wow)
  • Only you can define your ideal self
  • Be realistic
  • You’re bloody amazing
  • Never be afraid to ask for help
  • Sleep is important
  • Treat Yo’ Self

That brings us to the end of this blog post, I really hope it helped someone out there. I just really believe it’s so much more helpful to know how to improve based on your life than trying to fit into someone else’s mould. While some may say the only route to productivity is through discipline that is true. However discipline is something you learn and grow with, stop telling people to just do it because not everyone can. Discipline definitely is possible, but as cringey as it sounds it’s a journey not a destination. Maybe it comes in random short bursts or it doesn’t come at all. The goal is to finding what makes those short bursts more frequent and longer is an on going process, with you in mind๐Ÿ˜„.

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I would love to know what you thought of it, comment, like and share so or message me on social media (I’ll always respond…and see it ๐Ÿ’–) bye beautiful peopleeeeee.

P.S. Bitmoji just included new afro hairstyles, go check it out Black Queens


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    This post is great! I just followed your blog, can’t wait to read your content in the future!

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! Really hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I LOVED this one – and the photos/gifs definitely made it even more fun to read and see! All great tips too…

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