How to tell which Uni you should firm and which one you should insure 

FYI: 3rd of May is the deadline to firm and insure your universities and decline all the others. 

Some people might have trouble firming/insuring a Uni because they:

  • Like all their choices
  • Hate all their choices because they didn’t go into enough research for what they selected
  • Like their possible firm and insurance equally
  • Some uni’s offer things you want that other uni’s you wish also offered e.g. year abroad or work experience
  • Some uni’s are higher in the league tables but have bad ratings on The Student Room

Either way, for whatever reason you can’t choose I’ve compiled a list from The Student Room, myself and various websites. Hopefully by the end of this you’ll know which uni to firm and which one you should insure.

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  1. Can you learn a language? Most Uni’s let you learn a language for fun by joining a language society or learning a language as an extra curricular activity. Maybe you’ve always had an interest in cultures, want to meet some new people or improve what you learnt from your GCSE language? Whatever the reason, joining in a language class or society can become extremely beneficial in the future…unless they actually do develop a device to translate…nonetheless still learn. Languages are beautiful.Image result for language gif
  2. Do you LOVE the area you’ll spend 4+ years in? When looking for accommodation check the Student Room, the uni’s website and YouTube for peoples opinions of where you could live e.g. will there be construction work outside your accommodation? Is it right outside a night club or is it on a really quiet street? How’s the night life? Is there a lot of restaurants and shopping centres? Will you have to get 100 buses to enter civilisation?  If you are good with noise or whatever, make sure you know what you’re up for. Don’t just look at the pictures.Image result for city gif
  3. Is it a city that will have part-time jobs/mentorships  related to your degree or will you have to travel for that experience? Image result for job gif
  4. Is it a social campus, a commuter campus or a quiet campus? Which do you prefer, and are you willing to compromise on this point? Some universities don’t have accommodation on site, you might have to walk a few minutes to your lectures or be 30 minutes from the university. Image result for tired walking gif
  5. Are they offering you scholarships or grants if you go there? There are millions of pounds worth of scholarships that aren’t used. You can literally get a scholarship for anything, if you’re an ethnic minority, how much money your family has, the particular subject you take, skills you have e.g. football or music, even for being left handed.Image result for money gif
  6. Is the campus visually pleasant and a place you’d be okay spending a good chunk of your time on? I’ve heard of people going to Uni’s with a crap social life and spend most of their time travelling to London or out in the town/city.Image result for leaving gif
  7. What’s the weather like there? Is there a lot of one kind of weather, like snow or rain, that you love or can’t stand?Image result for bad weather gif
  8. Are the professors at the school renowned in their fields? Do they have  books published? Do you care? Personally I really like it when the people who are teaching me have written and published books and we learn from that, you can ask questions to them directly and shows they have a greater passion for it.Image result for reading gif
  9. What is the practical to theoretical ratio? This doesn’t matter for all degrees so don’t worry about this if it doesn’t concern you for example if you wanted a film studies degree but want to produce films too make sure to firm/insure a uni that will do that but if you just want to learn about film theory then a ratio doesn’t matter.Image result for weighing gif
  10. How well does the school rank academically? Are you in a field where that matters at all? Firstly, a lot of schools and some students put a lot of emphasis on the ranking of the Uni, not the ranking of the Uni for their course, student satisfaction, graduate employment ranking etc if your uni is 45th in the league table but No.1 for your degree and offers a nice campus, night life and grad prospects that is a very good Uni. Remember, just because your university isn’t Russell group doesn’t mean it isn’t a good university, there are several universities that rank above popular RG’s.Image result for graduation gif
  11. Can you have a year abroad? Are the Uni’s you’d be travelling to good and nice, do you like the climate? Are there good job prospects near the Uni abroad also? The more experience the better Image result for flying gif
  12. Are the students at the Uni happy? You can Student Room this or WhatUni for detailed reviews from the students themselves.Image result for reviews gif
  13. Does the Uni have societies that are of your interest? Image result for societies gif
  14. Are there any infringing rules the school places on students even off campus, such as no drinking or smoking, that you’d inevitably rebel against or despise? Image result for no smoking gif
  15. Does the cost of living in the city sound reasonable for a you?Image result for broke gif
  16. Is the school a weekend trip’s distance away from home? Does it matter to you how far away from home it is?Image result for train gif
  17. Does the Uni have a Facebook page or GC so you can get to know the people on your course/ flat/ societies?Image result for jumbo mean girls gif
  18. Is there a line of successful alumni from the school? Have you browsed through the Uni’s alumni magazine or checked the alumni section of the website?Image result for famous people gif
  19. Does the Uni have big or small classes or both? Which do you prefer or think you’d prefer? Usually the website will say how big tutor and lecture classes are.Image result for class gif
  20. Is the campus big or small? Can you reasonably walk from class to class in a decent length of time or would it be better to bike or bus?Image result for biking gif
  21. Does the Uni allow cars?Image result for driving gif
  22. Are the professors kind or approachable? You’ll be able to tell on applicant day.Image result for go away gif
  23. Is there an Open Day you can attend if you want to check it out before an applicant day? I don’t think it’s too late to attend. Open days tend to show you the university with a bit of info on your specific course, however applicant days are after you’ve been given a place and they give you deeper insight into your course.Image result for university gif
  24. If you have an unconditional offer, is it to a Uni you genuinely considered as a first choice? You don’t have to accept it just because it’s unconditional and means ‘less work to get in’ make sure whatever your choice is great all around.Image result for yay gif
  25. Is the library open 24 hours a day?Image result for reading gif
  26. Catered accommodation or Self-catered? Can you cook? How busy will your degree make you to even have time to cook?Image result for food gif
  27. Is there a Waterstones/bookstore nearby? UNIDAYS has a 10% discount for Waterstones also universities have their own libraries but if you like brand new and you’re the first person using it, make sure there’s a good bookshop nearby.Related image
  28. What are the stores like? Is it a cute dainty area with Waitroses and Aldi’s dotted around or a metropolitan area? With Tescos extra, a large shopping mall and store outlets?Image result for shopping gif
  29. What are the house costs for 2 and 3rd yearImage result for buying a house gif
  30. Ethnic minority ratio,and tolerance? Obviously racism is everywhere, however some universities have more of a racist reputation than others. This goes for other minority groups as well such as LGBT+, disability etc some people unfortunately still severely discriminate. You can check the studentroom and other students opinions on these issues.Image result for fresh prince gif
  31. Nightlife? It;s definitely  important to check out the nightlife before you choose. If you’re not a fan of lots of noise or you can’t without being in a clubs, going to night events and pub crawls etc check it out.Image result for drinking gif
  32. How much support will you get as a student? Some universities offer peer support from higher years on your degree, tutors, trips etcImage result for help gif
  33. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Each university has been given an award of either gold, silver or bronze – the level should give you an indication of the kind of teaching you can expect. You deserve the best 🙂

    Image result for gold star gif

Lastly, UCAS EXTRA and UCAS FINANCE  is now open just click extra or finance for a direct link and start your easy applicant. UCAS EXTRA is for people who have been rejected from all their uni choices or you rejected all their uni choices. You can apply to a new Uni in place of the one you were rejected by or declined yourself, however you can only apply to one Uni at a time and must wait for that Uni to reply before you can apply to another Uni. If this concerns you, sorry more waiting…..

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Thanks for reading guys and I hoped this help you chose which to firm and which to insure. Whichever one you choose I hope you enjoy your time in uni, go make some fab memories.

What university do you hope to firm? Image result for ciao gif


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  1. Annalisa says:

    This is such an helpful and amazing page! While I was reading through the article I thought wow I do need to get to know this girl as we’ll probably be attending the same course @ NCL uni.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear u liked it, can’t wait to see u on the course too 😄


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