Testing the BYP network app

I recently found out about the BYP Network on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. Not only because my heart explodes with happiness seeing other Black women doing amazing things but because of what this platform will be able to do for us and the doors it’ll open for Black people.

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The BYP Network was created by Kike Oniwinde, a British born Nigerian, who at 25 years created a mind blowing app for Black professionals to connect from every corner in the world and all at 25 years old.

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She’s accomplished so much, it’s a massive inspiration to Black women of all ages. After receiving her bachelors in Economics from the University of Nottingham, she then worked hard for her masters degree from the University of Florida studying management with a full track and field scholarship.

Receiving the title “Future leader in Technology” by Sky Corp, representing GB as a javelin thrower all while also motivating and educating secondary school kids about entrepreneurship, their future and health! Kike won $50,000 (ยฃ38,087.50p) to help fund BYP!!

You fabulous people can download the BYP network on all devices!!

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I decided to share my experience with the app, I found it extremely easy to use and have made some amazing connections so far. Nonetheless, I know some of you guys may want to get a bit of a preview before deciding if the app is for you. I have an Android by the way, so I’m not sure if some features are different on other devices.

screenshot_20180731-201645_google play store3461186090855156161..jpg
The BYP Network is in the top five trending apps!

screenshot_20180731-201622_google play store2422056409379676510..jpg

screenshot_20180731-201602_byp network4613714855151702006..jpg
As of right now you can sign up with Facebook, which will connect your profile picture and other important information to your BYP account
Here’s a screenshot of my account, it’s really easy to set up with a few questions so others can get to know you.
screenshot_20180731-203102_byp network7337297644819732488..jpg
It’s important to be specific so you attract the right people.
screenshot_20180731-203136_byp network59079311565373647..jpg
You can scroll and meet people that are like you in so many areas besides your profession. I think it’s important to not only surround yourself with people from the same industry so you all can grow together but to also network with people from other industries so that you can gain a better understanding of the world outside of your own.
screenshot_20180731-203212_byp network4383325308352831903..jpg
Here is the profile for a new member.

screenshot_20180731-203227_byp network1358890974853766819..jpg

screenshot_20180731-203321_byp network8419573249518998522..jpg
You are able to change your username to whatever you like, some may like to use their government name while others their business name.
screenshot_20180731-203358_byp network2942764821457899379..jpg
The BYP network also generates revenue through a subscription service.

screenshot_20180731-203413_byp network404217570082611200..jpg

I’m really excited to see what the future holds for the BYP Network and Kike, the app is very much needed and I hope everyone takes advantage of the new Black opportunities, businesses and content from all types of professions so we can grow together.

Have a fab day!

– Love JOD

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